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Illuminate The Darkness

Gain crucial visibility of the dark web. Obtain contextualized insights of your digital risk exposure and make informed decision to stay resilient.  Start your cyber security empowerment journey with our complimentary digital risk report today!

Our Services

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Potential attack surface increases as the economy move towards digitalisation. Government and businesses alike stand facing disruptive challenges in managing business risk and regulatory requirements associated with the evolving threat landscape.

Harnessing cyber threat intelligence within your existing security protection increases resiliency and sustainability. Cyber threat intelligence helps organisations understand the threats they face hence protecting what matters most, rather try to defend against all potential threats.

At Syntx, we work tirelessly to offer information and analysis from a rich array of sources, presented in ways that make it easy for our customers to understand and use. Our cyber threat intelligence adds valuable context around indicators of compromise (IOCs) that helps triage security incidents.

For decision-makers, our strategic intelligence products are expressed in plain language and focus on issues of business risk rather than technical terminology

We invite you to learn about how our cyber threat intelligence can help everyone in cybersecurity anticipate problems, respond faster to attacks, and make better decisions on how to reduce risk.

Incident Response

Have you become a victim of cyber-crime or suspicious that your perimeter defences have been breached?

While cyberattacks can seem inevitable and it is always a good idea to have an incident response plan for your organization. We offer incident response service on a retainer basis that will suit your business nature, size, location and risk exposure.

Whether it's ransomware, advanced and persistent targeted attack, denial-of-service attack, or data theft, we will be your trusted partner that will work alongside your team to quickly and cost-effectively address the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack.

Our team of highly trained and certified professional is ready to help. Through the partnership, we have a certified digital forensic lab to handle your most private and sensitive information. Your business can always rely on our professional services in handling and protecting critical data throughout the process.

Outreach & Awareness

Discover Syntx innovative Outreach & Awareness service to learn new concepts evolving in today’s world of technology or refresh yourself on cybersecurity’s core topics.

Move away from the conventional classroom-style training and embrace a new way of learning through real-world experience. We have what it takes to train your people to improve their cybersecurity literacy and awareness that meets your business objectives.

Contact us today to discover the following programs;

1. Targeted Phishing E-mail

2. Cyber-war Gaming

3. Cyber-drill Simulation

4. Cyber Incident & Crisis Communication Simulation

5. Cyber Security Awareness



Syntx is sole proprietary business (Sdn Bhd) based in Cyberjaya, registered with the Malaysian Company Registrar on 5 November 2019 with registration number 201901039861(1349191W).

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