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Digital Risk Reporting

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Unparalleled Threat Intelligence information to protect your brand and business. Delivered by experienced and trusted professional.  Intelligence that is designed with:

  • Accuracy

  • High-fidelity

  • Clarity

  • Transparency

  • No-nonsense

We are Malaysia's trusted cyber threat intelligence service provider

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Dark web monitoring provides an additional layer of defense by enabling organizations to detect and respond to potential security breaches in a timely manner. Get accurate and real-time data related to digital risk and exposure from the dark web. So, your organizations can respond to an incident quickly & precisely.

What We


Data Leakages

Continuous monitoring of data leakage and exposure of sensitive information including PIIs, source codes, databases, sensitive documents, and others.


VIP Watch

Identify leaked personal information related to VIPs, such as personal e-mails, social media profiles, contact details, addresses, or financial info.


Keyword Monitor

Monitor specific keywords associated with your organization, such as brand names, product names, or industry-specific terms. So, you can identify potential threats or attacks targeting your organization


Stolen Credentials

Detects stolen or compromised login credentials, such as usernames and passwords. Get real-time alerts for immediate actions and stay resilient. 


Brand Protect

Uncover misuse of intellectual properties and proprietary solutions attributed to any cyber-attack campaign and scam-driven activities


Risk Score

Ascertain the level of risk associated with an organization's exposure or negative  presence on the dark web, It quantifies the potential impact and likelihood of risks based on various issues detected.

Thanks to Syntx's dark web monitoring service, we now have a heightened sense of security and control over our digital assets. Their advanced platform and timely alerts have allowed us to quickly respond to potential threats and protect our sensitive information. Highly recommended.

CEO, Drone Tech Company

Get Your Complimentary Report

Calling all Malaysian small to medium-sized organizations and start-ups! Don't miss out on your limited-time opportunity to receive a complimentary report. Get valuable insights into the dark web landscape and potential risks that may impact your business. Act now to secure your spot and gain a competitive edge in cybersecurity. Request your complimentary report today!

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